Dr Ratnavel has worked for over two decades at the Chiltern Hospital providing medical and surgical dermatology services. He has provided many successful treatment plans for patients to follow in conjunction with their family doctors. Over these years he has recieved many awards and has been quoted extensively in the media, giving voice to the concerns of patients with skin conditions.

He has a long standing interest in the treatment of patients with acne. The benefit of having a clear skin and preventing scarring is a primary goal. He was a founder member of a charity which acted in the interests of patients with acne helping them to obtain early appropriate medical treatment as mentioned in the BBC.

Dr Ratnavel’s involvement with another medical charity relates to his interest in lymphoma and regional skin lymphoma service for patients resident in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. He currently sits on the Medical Advisory Panel for Lymphoma Action charity.

Dr Ratnavel has been quoted as an expert in rosacea following participation in clinical studies of this condition. The Telegraph’s article about rosacea spoke about how lasers are helping to take the misery out of potentially disfiguring rosacea.

Dr Ratnavel worked in the NHS for 30 years as a clinician and academic. He has written over 50 scientific articles and published a doctoral thesis. Some of his articles can be found on Oxford Academic and National Center for Biotechnology Information such as: The need for dedicated dermatology beds and a group of skin diseases know as palmoplantar keratodermas (PPK).

As a consequence, he has been quoted in popular media stories relating to medical and cosmetic skin issues. Some of these articles are:
The Independent’s article where Dr Ratnavel advises about skin damage and how it can be possible treated.
How to winter-proof your skin by Cosmopolitan.
The Guardian’s article about advise on which products to use for dark skins.