Professional examination and removal of unwanted skin lesions (cysts, lipoma, skin tags). Scar management options including keloids. Skin cancer treatment in line with national guidelines and a multi-disciplinary setting.

Skin lesions can prove difficult to diagnose and remove. Skin cancers are rare but any non-healing lesions showing growth should be examined by a trained professional and referred onto a consultant dermatologist in line with national guidelines issued by NICE.

Dr Ratnavel performs an expert assessment of your skin aided by dermoscopy and occasionally mole mapping. Most patients will receive reassurance, advice on suns protection and tips for self-monitoring. Suspicious lesions can be removed surgically with local anaesthetic for histological examination (pathology).

Benign skin lesions such as skin tags and warts can be managed simply in the office at the time of consultation with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen). Larger lesions are usually removed on a local anesthetic surgical list.