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Over 2 decades of experience in managing patients with acne to prevent scarring and to ideally cure or at least control this distressing condition. Most patients respond completely to medical treatments but those requiring cosmetic treatments can be managed in a multi- disciplinary setting with appropriate healthcare professionals.

Hair Loss

Dr Ratnavel offers a professional assessment and diagnosis of both male and female hair loss (alopecia) with treatments as indicated by the underlying cause. Hair loss can be sudden and very distressing. An expert medical examination with possible hair skin biopsy can lead to the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Advice can be provided to your family doctor to arrange blood tests and other investigations for underlying medical causes of hair loss. Many primary types of alopecia can be treated medically. Recent advances allow some natural (physiological) types of hair loss to be treated in both men and women.

Skin Lesions

Professional examination and removal of unwanted skin lesions (cysts, lipoma, skin tags). Scar management options including keloids. Skin cancer treatment in line with national guidelines and a multi-disciplinary setting.

Skin Rashes

Frustrated by an irritating skin rash? Clinical diagnosis and medical management of skin rashes can prove challenging as it requires experience. Skin biopsies can help in some situations but the vast majority of skin conditions can be diagnosed at a single medical consultation. A complete medical report is provided for the patient and their NHS family doctor (GP).

Suspicious Moles

Dr Ratnavel offers a mole screening service with expert assessment of skin lesions and removal for microscopic analysis if appropriate. It can be difficult without proper training and experience to distinguish between harmless and medically important moles.

Skin Surgery

Dr Ratnavel has undertaken skin surgery in thousands of patients offering one stop removal of cysts, lipomas, moles, and skin cancer, undertaken with local anaesthetic and (where required) histology / pathology reports from the UK’s leading skin pathologists (consultant dermatopathologists).

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