The current situation is evolving rapidly and this post will address issues relevant to dermatology patients who are under the care of Dr Ratnavel or are hoping to see him for consultation in the near future.

Consultation clinics are currently running for patients in medical need at 25 Harley Street and Spire Thames Valley. Patients already booked at other locations can be accommodated at these sites. Patients will have to follow national guidance and perform a covid risk self-assessment, which can be discussed with the secretarial team when booking.

Telephone or video consultations may be appropriate for some follow up patients and the major insurers have agreed to reimbursement at the usual agreed consultation rates.

Surgical procedures will be undertaken with local anesthetic where there is medical need. Dr Ratnavel will advise upon medical urgency at consultation and currently all non-urgent and cosmetic cases are being placed on a waiting list until the pandemic passes.

Skin conditions do not increase the risk or severity of infection with Covid 19. However, all patients should follow advice from reputable sources and in particular, diligent hand washing. Government advice is available at

Patients taking Isotretinoin or Acitretin are not at special risk from Covid 19 infections. However, patients who have been prescribed immunosuppressant drugs such as Azathioprine or Biologic drugs (mainly for psoriasis) should follow guidance from the British Association of Dermatologists.