Dr Ratnavel has worked for over two decades at the Chiltern Hospital providing dermatology opinions with a treatment plan for a large range of skin conditions. With over 2000 recorded skin conditions, correct diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment.

During his time at the Chiltern Hospital he also provided highly successful skin surgery services to remove suspicious moles and skin cancers, cysts, skin tags and lipoma with a very high degree of patient satisfaction. Skin allergy was also investigated with patch and prick testing in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Dr Ravi Ratnavel has closed his BMI Chiltern Hospital practise and can now be seen in any of the following highly rated Care Quality Commission approved locations:

25 Harley Street in London, Define Clinic in Beaconsfield, Spire Thames Valley Hospital in Buckinghamshire or The Champneys Health Medical Centre in Tring. Any enquiries to Dr Ratnavel also can be sent to [email protected]